From Patsy Cline to Ms Dolly Parton to Patty Loveless, the world has an infatuation with stars being born and Lexi Sims is undoubtedly next up for her moment in the spotlight. 


From humble Southern beginnings that included lending her voice to her family’s vocal imprint to winning vocal competitions throughout the US, Lexi was born to shine. Realizing that her vocal ability was indeed a gift, the 25-year old then reasoned that her moment of reckoning would indeed be onstage, one way or another. Immediately, she clicked her heels and began her journey to the great land of success.

Knowing that visibility is the first step to artistic recognition, the long-legged blonde ventured into the world of modeling. From using her beauty to boast energy drinks, lifestyle brands and clothiers, to the coveted role as a Playboy Playmate and the face of Playboy Intimates Lingerie, Lexi’s face has fueled public interest. Currently residing in Atlanta and undergoing artist development under the Marvelous Enterprises footprint, Lexi has wrapped recording her first album and is preparing to thrive in entertainment. Lexi cites Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Ms Dolly Pardon, Gretchen Wilson and Patsy Cline as influencers in her bubbling “mainstream edgy country” aesthetic of music. “My music isn’t just all classical country music or all mainstream country music or all “anything” in particular. “Harlot of Country Music” is like a mosh pit of country sounds that I love to be immersed in. “My personality is edgy so my music will take you on a wild and crazy journey whether I am being open and bold on the title track ‘Harlot of Country Music’ and saying what a lot of females want to say that men get away with saying all the time, “hmmmmm”. “But of course I do have a softer side to me”, Lexi says while striking that million dollar smile. You get to hear and feel that vulnerable side of Lexi on the emotional “autobiographical” song “Silhouette” which is an Ode to Fatherless Daughters and was truly a roller coaster ride to write and record for Lexi. There are truly many many sides to Lexi, whether singing with lots of confidence on “Rock Your World” or singing about ‘good old country love’ in the harmony heavy “Night To End”. Lexi also shows her vulnerability in “Invisible” which a lot of people globally of all ages will be able to relate to. To top “Harlot Of Country Music” off Lexi gives you a window through the eyes of the men and women of the armed forces giving them a voice in the touching song “American Soldier”.

Lexi says with confidence, “I know my music will one day hold a true place in country music.” Day by day, Lexi Sims prepares to rule the charts, dominate stages and make an irreversible imprint on the music industry. “I know I have the goods and the formula. I’m really good at getting attention and I’m great at entertaining people. In addition to that, I want to make other people happy. I want my music to get people through. Songs are often the escape and I want to be the one to put healing music out there – it’s my main way of communicating my thoughts and feelings.”